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Our Vision Statement  
To form followers of Jesus in such a way as to transform our community and our world.

Join us for service this Sunday at 10:30 AM

Global Partner Sunday, Nov.19th, 2017
Partnering Together to Transform Bangladesh
Message: Dr. Tony Campolo

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DR. TONY CAMPOLO - Sunday, Nov. 19

Join us for our 10:30 a.m. Sunday service as we partner together with congregations around the world to transform Bangladesh. To mark this special occasion, we are partnering with World Vision Canada to bring in Dr. Tony Campolo as a guest speaker. He is a founder and contributor to the Red Letter Christian Movement. [More..]

Parkdale United Church provides significant economic benefits
to the community - nearly $3 million

A recent study of the economic effects of Parkdale United Church finds that it contributes services valued at nearly $3 million to the Hintonburg and surrounding community in Ottawa every year. [Learn more about the Halo Project study....]
[Listen to Michael Wood Daly on the Halo project....]
[Read the Halo Project Report....]

Living into Right Relations

Parkdale's Living into Right Relations Group seeks to educate itself and the congregation about Aboriginal justice issues and opportunities to walk the path towards reconciliation. [More ...]


On most Saturdays between 2 and 5 PM, from November to March each year, members of Parkdale United Church, with the help of many, many volunteers from the wider community, provide a warm, friendly environment where guests who are experiencing poverty or other challenges can come together and enjoy a delicious meal, lively conversations and caring support. [More..]

Worship Arts at Parkdale

Here at Parkdale we have a thriving arts community that has something for everyone. For us worship is the offering of all we are and have in joyful submission to God, and to what God says and does, thereby empowering the worshipper to impact the world for the glory of God. Go to Worship Arts page.

Unbinding The Gospel

In the fall of 2011, Parkdale embarked on its Unbinding journey using Martha Grace Reese's resource entitled Unbinding the Gospel: Real Life Evangelism (UTG). Evangelism was a scary word for most of us, but we agreed to give it a try. More than eighteen months later, most of the original pilot group has been convinced of the incredible power of small group meetings. [More..]

Ministry Opportunities


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