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Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey

Anthony is the Coordinating Minister here at Parkdale United Church in Ottawa. Originally from Barbados, Anthony grew up in Montreal and has served in various parts of Canada, Kenya, Jamaica and the USA. A former social worker, he has academic degrees in social work, theology, philosophy of religion and ethics and culture.


Before returning to Canada in 1999, Dr. Bailey spent the previous six years, in ministry and community development in inner-city Kingston, Jamaica, He served the North Street United Church in Kingston, Jamaica for six years, among other things, spearheading the construction and establishment of a Human Development Centre in the inner city. The community-based cooperative model he developed with his congregation for the Centre’s daycare and early childhood education initiative, was used by the Jamaican Ministry of Education as a model for other similar projects across the Island.


Anthony also served as a community development consultant for the Miami-based "Food for the Poor" and partnered with them to build homes for homeless residents of West Kingston and to provide material support for co-operative micro-enterprise initiatives. As well, he was involved in the development of Citizens Action for Free and Fair Elections (CAFFE) – a broad-based Church and civil society initiative for electoral reform in Jamaica.


Anthony has taught at the joint theological colleges of McGill University and at the United Theological College of the West Indies, in Jamaica, as well as at the Ottawa School of Theology and Spirituality.


He enjoys opportunities to speak and present in Canada, USA and the Caribbean. He is also passionate about conducting workshops and presentations in churches, schools, service clubs and Federal Government departments on a number of subjects including: intercultural competence, social justice, anti-racism, Black History, and racial justice and reconciliation.


The Boards and Councils in the City on which he presently serves include: the Ottawa Mission, Crime Prevention Ottawa, and the Leadership Circle of the Marion Dewar Scholarship Fund, sponsored by the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO). Dr. Bailey also writes for some journals, contributes articles for national magazines and local newspapers. He also comments regularly on television and radio on various topics related to life in the public square.


Anthony is experienced as a dynamic and eloquent preacher of the gospel, a consummate teacher, a skilled, compassionate and wise counsellor and a strident advocate for justice and community engagement. He delights in the joy and privilege of offering leadership in Parkdale United, which is vibrant, intercultural, committed to growing in faith in the way of Jesus and to serving God, by being intimately involved in the positive transformation of the neighbourhood and city in which it finds itself.


Dr. Bailey loves good books, good films, travelling, working out, playing hockey and enjoying his family. His wife Wendy is a senior engineer in civil aviation at Transport Canada. They have four children.


On Dec. 24th,2010,the following interview with Anthony Bailey was broadcast on CBC Radio in Ottawa.  This has also been posted on the CBC Radio website:
CBC Ottawa Morning Interview Dr. Anthony Bailey talks about Christmas Eve services and their impact.


Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey Speaking at Pittsburgh Synagogue Vigil

Dr. Bailey spoke at the Tree of Life Synagogue Vigil at the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa. Click here to view his message. [More..]

Nelson Mandela Square - Ottawa Nelson Mandela Square - Ottawa

"The City of Ottawa dedicated the square in front of Ottawa's historic city hall on July 17, 2014 to honour Nelson Mandela . This is the celebration that took place."

Produced by Stuart Cryer (Duration 5:23 minutes)

In November, 2011, the following interview with Dr. Bailey was broadcast on CTV Ottawa and was made available on their website.
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In May,2010,the following interview with Anthony Bailey was broadcast on TVO.  This has been posted on YouTube:
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In June,2008,Anthony Bailey was interviewed at the Festival of Homiletics in Minneapolis.  These two interviews have been posted on YouTube:
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