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Melodee Lovering is our new Minister for children and youth, and we are thrilled to

Melodee Lovering is our Minister for children and youth, and we are thrilled to

have her on staff.    Melodee was most recently in the same position at Leamington, Ontario, United Church.  She and her husband, Rev. Jack Lovering, moved to the Ottawa region in August, 2009.  Jack has been posted with the Russell/Kenmore pastoral charge since September, 2009.


Melodee and Jack have two children, Lloyd, who married Melissa Smith on August 1, 2009 and who lives in Leamington, and Helen, who is studying at Trent University. 


When her children were small, Melodee stayed at home, enjoying a lot of volunteer work, including Christian Enrichment work, community theatre and writing. 

She eventually moved to paid work in Dundalk as the editor of two local newspapers for four years, and then with a Baptist church in administration for two.     She was recruited into ministry with children and youth at Leamington in 2003, and worked there until mid 2009.   


She was born into a family of faith and mission, and attended the Evangelical Missionary church in Thornhill, Ontario.   She was baptised (by immersion) when she was 12. 


Her brother, a bible translator,  and her sister, and their families, were missionaries in Papua New Guinea.  Melodee went to New Guinea when she was 18 for 6 months, and says that it was an eye-opening experience – she noted that faith had dramatic practical implications in a culture where there was significant violence.  She was also very ill with malaria while she was there, and felt God driving out all the fear.


 She has always had a strong sense of God’s presence.  “God is with us” is an important phrase for her – she believes that people are never alone.   One of her influences has been the writings of C. S. Lewis, and at one time she helped moderate a C. S. Lewis web site.   She notes that much of the life of sacrifice is present in literature in many forms, and she appreciates the C.S. Lewis argument of true myth. 


Melodee looks forward to meeting the youth and children and their families, and to worshipping together, including alternative and intergenerational worship.  Melodee really enjoys community building, with fun activities, retreats, games and sharing.   She and her family have moved around, in Ontario and in Manitoba, and she notes that each place has formed part of who she is, and has provided an opportunity to make lasting friendships. 


She looks forward to the friendships at Parkdale United.