parkdale united church

429 Parkdale Avenue, OTTAWA, Ontario K1Y 1H3

Section 2: Responsibilities of Council Members


A. Responsibilities of all members of Council:

1. To uphold the Mission and Vision of the Church.

2. To participate in Worship and in the life of the Congregation.

3. To attend meetings of the Council.

4. To represent the views of the Congregation at the Council.

5. To facilitate communication between the Congregation and the Council.

6. To participate from time-to-time on ad hoc Committees established by the Council.

7. To represent the Church as required at official functions and on Church business.

8. To participate in all the duties of the Council.

9. To respect the Code of Confidentiality (Appendix F).


B. Responsibilities of the Chair:

1. To call and preside over meetings of the Council.

2. To coordinate the activities of the Council.

3. To coordinate the conduct of the Council's business.

4. To review upcoming items of business and prepare the agenda for meetings, in

consultation with a representative of Ministry Personnel and the Vice-Chair.

5. To follow-up on the work of the Council to ensure effectiveness, in collaboration with the


6. To represent the Council and the Congregation to other groups inside and outside the


7. To facilitate communication amongst Council members.

8. To encourage inter-Committee communications, as appropriate.

9. To serve as a signing officer for documents for the Church.

10. To preside over meetings of the Congregation.

11. To ensure preparation of the Church’s annual report.


C. Responsibilities of the Vice Chair:

1. To conduct the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair.

2. To assist the Chair in reviewing upcoming items of business and preparing the agenda for


3. To assist the Chair in encouraging inter-Committee communications, as appropriate.

4. To serve as a signing officer for documents for the Church.


D. Responsibilities of the Secretary:

1. To ensure that all business of the Council is duly recorded.

2. To receive and distribute correspondence to the Council.

3. To ensure that correspondence is duly executed.

4. To ensure timely notice of meetings and circulation of minutes.

5. To ensure that summaries of Council meetings are available to the congregation.


E. Responsibilities of the Past Chair:

1. To advise the Chair and Council on past matters and decisions of the Council, and to

participate in activities of the Council.


F. Responsibilities of the Treasurer:

The duties of the Treasure outlined below are subject to the Financial Handbook of the United

Church of Canada

1. To maintain a record of receipts, disbursements, bank balances and investments of

accounts administered by the Finance Committee.

2. To ensure payment of bills and other disbursements in a timely and controlled manner,

including double signatures on all cheques.

3. To prepare regular financial statements for the Council and for the benefit of the Finance

Committee in their oversight responsibility against the approved annual budget.

4. To prepare financial reports for audit purposes as defined by the current United Church of

Canada (UCC) Handbook for Church Treasurers.

5. To present financial reports to the Annual General Meeting of the Congregation.

6. To prepare and submit annual financial reports to the national office of the United Church

of Canada.

7. To submit the Registered Charity Information Return (T3010E) to the Canada Revenue

Agency (CRA) by its filing deadline to maintain charitable status.

8. To arrange for monthly submissions to CRA on income tax and other employer

deductions, and preparation of T4 and T4A slips annually.

9. To attend to such other duties as the Finance Committee or Congregation may direct.


G. Responsibilities of the Representatives to Presbytery:

The Presbytery Representatives are lay representatives to Ottawa Presbytery and the Ottawa-

Montreal Conference. Parkdale is entitled to have up to 4 representatives.


1. Responsibilities to the congregation:

i. To report back to the congregation on the decisions and concerns of the


ii. To inform Presbytery of the decisions and concerns of the congregation.

iii. To assure action on the requests, petitions, and resolutions from the pastoral

charge, and report back decisions to the pastoral charge.

iv. To encourage participation of members of the Congregation in workshops,

meetings, or events planned by Presbytery.

v. To foster a sense of partnership between the pastoral charge, Presbytery,

Conference, and General Council.


2. Responsibilities to the Presbytery:

i. To attend meetings of Presbytery.

ii. To attend covenanting services, which are constituted meetings of Presbytery.

iii. To read minutes and be familiar with the subjects to be discussed at regular meetings.

iv. To participate in the discussion and decision-making process at Committee and

Presbytery meetings.

v. To share in the leadership of the Presbytery by serving on Committees, divisions, task

groups or accepting election to office.


3. Other responsibilities:

i. To attend the Annual Meetings of Conference.

ii. To present the position of the congregation on issues brought to meetings of Conference.

iii. To participate in the decision-making process at the Annual Meeting of Conference.

iv. To inform the congregation of actions taken and requests made at the Annual Meeting of



H. Responsibilities of Committee Chairs

1. Serve as a liaison between the Committee and the Council.

2. Communicate the activities and decisions of their Committee to the Council. When

no Council approval is required, this is to be done in writing in advance of Council


3. Make recommendations on new initiatives related to the Committee’s mandate for

approval by Council.

4. Prepare a budget for the fiscal year, to be forwarded to the Finance Committee.

5. Designate a substitute Committee member to attend Council meetings in the absence

of the chair.

6. Identify issues and projects that cross Committee boundaries and seek Council

support where required to ensure collaborative decision making.

7. Periodically review the Terms of Reference for the Committee and bring forth

amendments to Council when required.


I. Responsibilities of Members-at-Large

1. Represent individuals and groups that have no other formal access to the Council


2. Serve as a resource to individuals or groups with respect to seeking funding and

approval of new initiatives.