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Faith Formation and Fellowship Ministry

Parkdale’s Faith Formation and Fellowship Ministry encourages and supports learning programs and fellowship groups for people of all ages in order to help all persons in the congregation to know God's love as it is revealed in Jesus Christ, to grow in their understanding of the Christian faith, and to be involved in the Mission of the Church.


Faith Formation - Adults

Tuesday Morning Bible Study:



The Tuesday Morning Bible Study takes place each Tuesday morning at 9:30am in the Ladies’ Parlour. We are exploring the powerful prophetic book of Amos. Speaking on behalf of God, as he discerns God’s intentions, Amos delivers a strong, unpopular, courageous and necessary message not only to the nations of Israel and Judah, but also to the surrounding nations. 

Feel free to contact Rev. Bailey for more details (; 613 728-8656 x222)

Refreshments and fellowship follow. Everyone is welcome!


Wednesday Evening Study Group – Sept. 27 to Nov. 1

WHAT DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE? - If you are looking for a safe and supportive space to explore deep questions – including faith and doubt, the place of the church in the neighbourhood and society, what membership entails, stewardship, justice, spiritual practices and Parkdale’s committees and ministries, join us. The remaining dates are: Oct. 25, Nov. 1. Time: 7:00 – 8:45 pm. For those seeking to formally become a member of Parkdale United, these sessions will constitute the preparation process. The United Church receives members by baptism and affirmation of faith, re-affirmation of faith, and transfer of membership. For more information please contact Dr. Bailey (


Wednesday Evening Study Group – Nov. 8 to Dec. 13

THE CUP OF LIFE – for all Parkdale Women

A prayerful, deep, creative and fun six-week journey to 

·         Promote intentional spiritual growth individually 

·         Stimulate a prayerful spiritual daily discipline practice.

·         Connect ages and stages of Parkdale’s women 

·         Strengthen the sense of community among us.


You will need:

1. Your favourite coffee mug or tea cup.

2. The Book:  The Cup of Our Life, a Guide to Spiritual Growth 

Joyce Rupp’s writings have been good companions in different stages of my life. One of my all time favourites has been The Cup of our Life, a Guide to spiritual growth. This book uses the metaphor of a coffee mug –something ordinary that we use every day- to explore our own spiritual life with God. 

The book is available on Amazon and on Kindle version (less than $20). You can buy it in advance, but wait for all of us to start!

Please sign up if you are interested in participating. Call Alcris, the church office or send an email




College and Career Bible Study:


If you are in college, university or starting out in your career, please come join us. We

meet every 2nd and 4th Monday night at 7:15 PM in the Friendship Lounge.




Fellowship – Adults

Book Club:

Everyone welcome—come join us after church as we discuss the book that has been chosen for that month. We meet in the Ladies’ Parlour after the church service (bring a lunch) for approximately 1 ½ hours. Hope to see you there!

Click here to see the latest news on the Book Club
Click here to see the List of Books already Read by the Club


Friends of Parkdale Adventure Group:

A group of "Parkdalers" and others walk/ hike/ snowshoe regularly on weekends in the Gatineaus and elsewhere. It provides healthy fun and camaraderie. We want to share this experience with other who may be interested in joining us. If you want to be put on the mailing list send an email to the church office at

There is a separate website which is used to share images of our adventures and encourage others to come out for some fresh air, exercise and fellowship.
Click here to see the webpage:
Friends of Parkdale Adventure Group


Images and Stories:

On the last Friday of the month, from September to November and January to March, we meet in the Ladies’ Parlour at 7:00pm for a presentation about someone’s travels. So far, we have seen Australia, China, Scandinavia, India and many other exciting countries. You are welcome to join us for these causal, fun, informative evenings. 

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Faith Formation – Children, Youth, Families


Children’s spiritual development is as crucial to their health and happiness as their physical, mental, and emotional growth. At Parkdale, your child can find church-friends who share and develop their values together, adding breadth, balance, and depth to their experiences at school and in the community.

Parkdale offers a Nursery for infants and toddlers, a Pre-school class for children aged 3-5 years old, Sunday school classes for children in grades 1-6 and Faith Formation for youths in grades 7-12.  [More ...]

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Fellowship – Children, Youth, Families

We believe that we are called to live and love God together, supporting one another in faith and discipleship, regardless of age differences. At certain points in the year, we have intergenerational worship and fellowship opportunities so our whole family of faith can celebrate God's presence among us together!

Look for events like these through the year:

·         Intergenerational Worship Services

·         After-church meals, such as Rally Sunday, Bar-B-Q Sunday, Advent Luncheon  

·         Celebrating Our Cultures: International Supper

·         Weekend Summer Camp

·         Second Blessing Coffee Shop


Parents and Tots:  

A group of parents and grandparents who are at home during the day with preschoolers and babies, meets every Wednesday morning in the church nursery between 10 am and noon for fellowship and play.  You are welcome to join us.   Contact Melodee Lovering ( if you would like further information.

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Overseeing Committee


The Faith Formation and Christian Enrichment Committee oversees the Faith Formation and Fellowship Ministry. It encourages and supports learning programs for people of all ages. [More ...]

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How You Can Help

If you would like to know more about Parkdale’s Faith Formation and Fellowship Ministry or would like to help, contact the Chair of the Faith Formation and Christian Enrichment Committee: